Monday, January 24, 2011

Necklaces, Snowflakes, Motifs, Crosses, Doily, Tablecloth and a Basket

Isa began this necklace with large mother of pearls leaves in a beautiful color. She's not sure where this design is going, but she's having fun making it. In the background you can also see her most recent TIAS.

Charlotte tatted Circle of Crowns snowflake from Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflake Collection, in size 20 Lisbeth thread.

Karen had some great opportunities to share her tatting at Christmas. She hosted an ornament exchange making a different ornament for each person, but her favourite was this green basket done in variegated thread with sparkly beads. The other 2 ornaments were snowflakes; one in green and one in white. She also managed to create a "Keep Calm and Tat On" poster to share.

Marta has been creating a series of designs with a stained glass window effect. The first one was worked from the outside in. The one with red beads is a variation of a Lyn Morton design and the green is done like Iris and the gold a replay of "Entertainment" The blue is an attempt to make a 4 sided figure instead of one with six sides.

Fox is finding that pattern drawing isn't her cup of tea. Her Maeve pattern is now done and she's glad she only had the 2 to work on. Sorry Fox, there will be more homework.

Martha has some lovely tatting attached to her pretty new shuttles, but she forgot to say what she was using them for.

Shirley tatted Pixie from my Tatted Flurried book in Autumn, a Sulky blendable 12wt. cotton thread.

Sue has been tatting a lot of crosses as gifts. This one is the Butterfly Cross by Ruth Perry done in size 20 Sacred Lotus cotton crochet thread from Crochet4U2Dye4. She did 5 more crosses for family and friends and needs to find some different designs for other family members. Her doily is coming along as is her tablecloth. When does this woman sleep?

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