Sunday, January 23, 2011

Edging, Motifs, TIAS, Earrings, Bookmarks and Doily

Kristen is joining the challenge she has tatted a band for a hat and she's wondering if the hat looks better with it or without it. The motif from The Tatter's Treasure Chest makes a lovely placemat. This single motif took Kristen about an hour to complete and she has calculated the hundreds of hours needed to make a set of placemats.

Alba Alicia had day 4 of TIAS done, but no guesses as to what it is.

Isa has the second earring finished based on the vintage pattern. At the tatting meeting she learned how to make daisy picots and this is her first attempt.

Jessica has 4 of the larger motif for the Star Doily completed along with one of the little fill in motifs. She's making it with size 10 thread so it may turn out to be quite large, more like a small table covering than a doily.
Linda has days 3 and 4 of TIAS completed and it's an amazing brain stretch but still no idea as to what it is.
Cindy has proudly mastered the single shuttle split ring at the gathering of the Twin Cities Tatters. After her success with SSSRs she tatted a bookmark from Jane Eborall's blog in Lizbeth Mountain Breeze, size 20. Julie Patterson's Spring Flowers bookmark was tatted in Lizbeth Jelly Bean and Spring Green, Size 20.

Almost 2 years ago Diane created a second round to one of Myra Piper's designs which her sister asked for, so Diane did another one for herself in blue.
Fox tatted a Vintage Rose from a Priscilla book and found it was a shuttle flinging pattern until she read Jessica's instructions. She even tatted the leaf which goes all around the rose in the original. Just to give you hope in your own attempts, she shows you what one of her earlier tries looks like.

Gina was at the Tat Guild in Greenfield with Kaye Judt where they were tatting bees using what Kaye calls bobble tatting and others call stacked rings. It makes for a very lovely bee.

Lily shows how she adds new thread.

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