Sunday, January 02, 2011

Earrings, Edgings, Doilies, Motifs, Necklaces, Heart, Bookmarks and Snowflakes

Magda created these earrings which are a variation on a theme by Koroneczke. She is asking for name suggestions and a draw will take place after which the winner will be awarded the earrings.

Orsi wanted to tat a tablecloth but didn't have the time before Christmas, then she realized she didn't even have a doily in the house and decide to make some. This edging is to be done on napkins and tablecloth and she has drawn out the pattern and shares it with us.

 Kjellaug finished this piece which was designed by a member of the Danish association Orkis and reproduced in a magazine.
Sunshinecraft tatted the Burda Suncatcher in spring colours to make a spring Garden suncatcher. She also did a repeat of Jon's Melati pattern in different colours and she thinks she likes this one best on black ribbon. She finds a length of edging from Tatting Lace by Sumi Fujishige done in DMC Cebelia 30 is an approachable kind of lace since people already know what it is, it's easy to work on, and it engages non tatters to provide suggestions for it's use. Nina Libin's Kaethe necklace is done with DMC metallic embroidery thread and a multitude of sparkly beads.

Barbara joined in the challenge and got side tracked by lots of issues like health, surgeries, deaths in the family, computer problems and just life in general. She finished off the year and her first challenge with Susan Fuller's Hearts Desire tatted in size 20 Lizabeth #117 Country Side and a bookmark designed by grrlshapedthing from InTatters named 'Supermodel Bookmark' tatted in Lizbeth thread size 20 #131 Vineyard Harvest and is ready to jump back in for another 25.

Bev spent her New Year snowed out, on the ridge, but with lots of Christmas gifties to enjoy like threads and charms and a lovely tatted Mary Konier, Windmill doily from Diane and a Christmas teapot from Martha.

Cindy is glad to say goodbye to 2010 and notes that she didn't think she did all that much tatting until she joined tha challenge and she was surprised at all that she did accomplish. She already has 2 motifs done for her second challenge, Snowflake 7 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments, in Lizbeth Jelly Bean thread, size 20 and Wheel of Nine Rings from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns in DMC white perle cotton, size 12.

 Claudia begins her 3rd challenge and starts by showing the card she sent to her friend which uses the motifs she made, mounted into a pop up card. Along with other gifts she sent this snowflake tatted with red and green beads. Her final work is a slave bracelet, a Totus mel pattern , made for her little daughter to wear on New Year´s Eve done in Pilar, cotton in pink , # 10.

Diane's exchange package arrived with some interesting contents including a pattern book, and a piece of tatting.
Fox shares a collage of tatting from 2010. Mary Konior's Wheat and Chaff edging is making a lovely border for socks, but it does want to pucker. Darling Josephine from my Tatted Flurries gave her fits at the first try, but she gave it another chance and then did it again with beads in size 20 Cebelia and they were all cooperative and played together nicely. The quintet of tatted dragons were politely appreciated.

Gina has decided to join the challenge again working with vintage patterns. The first one is from the DMC Library - Tatting - Editions TH. de Dillmont, the most elaboate piece from Plate IV tatted in size 20 DMC Special Cordonnet. She re-worked the pattern to be able to tat 2 together. She tried several modifications in construction and created a diagram for it and she may do it again in other thread sizes to compare how they look.

Ingrid tatted another hanky edging using ordinary crochet cotton on a pattern from her teacher, but she doesn't know the original source of the design.
Katherinne has a new pattern she is working on and wonders if other have doen tatted split rings before. (That would be yes.)
Lily used a modified version on Kersti's Floral bookmark, some czech crystal beads in a very sparkly pale pink color, Lizbeth size 20 Boysenberry dk, and some green glitter to make this headband decoration.

Sue has finished another 25 using the same motif from an antique pattern done in 2 sizes of thread: white size 10 and Lizbeth Fruit Fizz size 40. She has a project to complete but the motifs are finished.

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