Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

I am currently experiencing internet connectivity issues. Looks like someone got slap happy and knocked out the local DSL. Service will resume shortly. At least hopefully it will, until then Happy New Year to you and yours.


Kjellaug said...

Happy new year.
Motif #7

From an old norvegien magasin,and danish tatting club has it in the magasin in 2001.

Gina said...

I've noticed for a few years now that the internet is slow and sluggish during this holiday season in particular. You can tell families/kids are home and that there are lots of new internet toys being used. Eventually it returns to normal but it's frustrating. I imagine some services are taxed to the limit too and maybe overtaxed. Hope yours is resolved soon.

Fox said...

Ah, Sharon, your diplomacy, as always, is impeccable!
♥ Fox : )