Thursday, January 20, 2011

Earrings, Motifs, Doily, Bookmarks, Snowflakes, and Edgings

Alba Alicia has been practicing long picots and she has day 3 of TIAS done.

Isa tatted the Celtic Knot Earrings from the book by Rozella Linden aka Ruth Perry. She used crystal pearls in each picot and a variegated thread size 10 with added silver hooks.

Jessica wanted a simple pattern and chose this small square insertion from the Priscilla book, which she did in the red thread left on her shuttle from an earlier project. She thinks she might add a jump ring and turn it into a pendant.

Mary has checked off another accomplishment; that of tatting a small doily. It's Merriment designed by Jon Yusoff tatted in size 20 thread and it's 5.5 inches across. The next goal is a bigger doily.

Stephanie Grace ordered Seashells and Shell Pink Lt but don't go together in the way she expected them to in this bookmark. She thought that instead of a bookmark she'd make the next one into a bracelet and did it in LizBeth size 20 #661 and gold thread. The colours are nice but sweaty hands and split thread finally made the thread break and she's going to have to undo quite a bit and hide some ends to complete it.

Mickchick was on a tatting spree over Christmas and finally had a chance to post pictures.

Kat tatted Lene Bjorn's Christina cross in Cebelia size 30 and she had a bit of trouble with the Josephine chains so she thinks thy might be easier to get right if they were shuttle tatted so she's giving shuttles a try.

Wanda has tatted Barbara's design from class in Lizbeth #114 Sea Shell and the outside is Lizbeth #641 Lilac Dark, both in size 20. She's doing Jane's TIAS in Lizbeth size 20 in #657 Ocean Turquoise Dk and
#662 Turquoise Lt.

Fox had trouble with Iris Niebach's Gardenia pattern in blue, but she tried it again in ecru and it all worked out. Left over pastel thread on her shuttle was used to tat a vintage edging. The pattern was so much fun she had to try it again in red. Then again in red to match some pretty pink socks with little red hearts.

Gina has her third ground motif done in size 20 DMC special cordonnet and it's a typical round ring and chain motif. Gina added needle lace spiders between the motifs and look at the transformation.

Katherinne was thrilled to try out Fox's new pattern, Abigail, and what's even better is that this is her first split chain where she didn't throw it across the room. (shuttle flinging ought to be an Olympic sport.). The motif was tatted in Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk, size 20. Her roommate wanted a bookmark in red and blue so she tatted Jon's pattern again. The final motif is from from

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