Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tatted Treasures

Ruth has added a lot of lovelies to her blog. Tara brooch with beads is a real eye catcher and then she has hanging clunys, daisy picots, spiral chains, and celtic butterflies on a sea of burgundy.

Kathy has several new additions to her page as well. She is using the threads received in exchanges to tat up small motives and test the threads. Some of the pieces are sections of edgings, and motives from a variety of sources. The delightful little motif show here is Auver a sole silk color 494 and the pattern is from the July 1952 Workbasket. You'll have to see her blog for all of the other pieces.

Snowy has finally completed a doily from the Blomquist and Persson book. It's a wonderful doily done in vibrant colours that just sing. Snowy always chooses marvelous colours to work with. She pointed out that she missed a repeat on the outer edge, but the whole thing took so long to do she's just glad that it's finished. When the doily is in use you can always place a little ornament over that spot and no one will even notice it.

Azie has been involved in a redwork embroidery exchange and she shows the wonderful work that has been given and received.

Carol's wordless Wednesday is a picture of her new little cutie.

Laura shares the next round on the friendship doily and a lovely pineapple heart done in red Cebelia.

LaRae's wordless Wednesday is a floral birthday cake.

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