Thursday, February 22, 2007

Antique magazines, antique shuttles, modern designs

Ruth shows us the cover of an antique Delineator magazine. 1892 is waaayyyy before my time. Check out the covers of this magazine through the ages. It's a real snapshot of changing styles and in some ways changing attitudes. A modern version of one of the designs from the magazine is today's pattern for the Tatting Pattern Calendar.

Gail shares a picture of some of her collection of tatting shuttles. It almost makes me wish I used post style shuttles just so I could collect some of my own. Gail was wondering why the large bone crochet hook screws together in the middle. I'll bet it fit into a smaller case and separated for storage.

Mark completed the motif he was working on and used Photoshop to show a couple of variations on the design.

Eliizabeth adapted a design from Jan Stawasz's book, "Tatting: theory and patterns." to create a wonderful necklace. It is made with a variegated thread called "Silken Pearl" (the flower section) and DMC Cebelia (the stem and leaf section).

Carol has created a sort of "minty" butterfly. She calls this one a Buttermint Monarch and it looks really yummy.

LaRae's Wordless Wednesday post is an ice encrusted branch.


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