Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oodles and Oodles of Tatting

Ruth has added instructions on how to make the Daisy Cluny Ring to her blog. Thank you for the wonderful information Ruth.

Clyde has completed 3 more small motives for his tablecloth. He's had a whirlwind of activity and sad news including the death of a family member and the demise of a TV. On a brighter note he has just received some thread in an exchange package along with some beads and chocolate. Everything goes better with chocolate doesn't it?

Riet has created a lovely little heart that might be small enough to use for an earring. It's just adorable and Riet has sent the pattern to Ruth for the calendar.

Barbara learned how to do split rings from her friend Jon and has tatted Jon's Clover Heart in appreciation.

Marilee has been busy learning different join techniques and experimenting with them. I can't wait to see what she come up with it looks intriguing.

Laura has done a Valentine's day motif. The finished result is very pretty, just not what she envisioned.

Dawn has tatted a heart from the Ring of Tatters site created by Rosemarie Peel. She used a deep red size 10 cotton for this one with pearl beads around the last round.

Every time you blink Marty has another spectacular piece on her blog. This doily uses Coats machine quilting thread in Rainbow colors. It's another of pattern from Iris Neibach's "Tatted Doilies" .

Sylvia has received the threads from her exchange partner and she plans on making something from them that she can use to teach her class.

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