Friday, February 23, 2007

New Beginnings

Don't you love this yellow butterfly Ruth made? It was supposed to be a butterfly, but it began to be a heart so Ruth just went where it too her.
Sharol has posted a lovely heart too. This one is Heart O' Daisies by Teri Dusenbury.
Marilee is expecting to teach a class of beginners soon and she's come up with some simple pieces they can start with. More Newbies!

Laura's having some trouble getting the spirals tight enough on Ruth's Spiral Heart from the Feb 9th calendar. She took up the challenge to create a heart shape from Carol's Twelve of Hearts motif. The design isn't co-operating. Sounds like she'll need to start over just like Ruth did. It will be beautiful when she finds out what it wants to be.

Eliz has been getting her tatting patterns organized. She's tatted some bookmarks and a Jan Stawasz flower. She's got some more of her UFOs finished and put away and it sounds to me like she's really on a roll. Want to come and do mine next?
Melissa has just learned how to needle tat and she's jumping in with both feet and joining the challenge. After getting her toes wet doing some one ring flowers and butterflies, she did a row of back to back rings and then cleverly ran a ribbon between the rings and added a closure to turn it into a bracelet.

So we have some new designs, some new tatters and some new tatting designers. Who said tatting was a lost art? We're doing everything we can to keep it alive growing and expanding. What other needle art has so many people actively inventing new things to do and new ways of doing it?

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