Monday, February 05, 2007

Doiles, edgings, insertions and motives.

Have you seen the recent entries in the Tatting Pattern Calendar? Lynda's Angel at Heart edging and Ruth's Tea Rose are just delightful. Great job tatters, now let's see more entries from our novice designers. This is a great way to get your toes wet publishing your work.

Jon has created a lovely 5 inch doily in size 40 thread. It wanted to ruffle a little but she tamed it by pressing it under a thick book. I've done that kind of thing before. Sometimes I just put it on a hard chair and sit on it while I'm working.

Maria has done a lovely delicate edging with a corner that would look gorgeous on a handkerchief. She has also done stacked rows of one shuttle edging suitable for an insertion and woven a pretty pink ribbon through it. It's very traditional but oh so feminine the ribbon could be a drawstring on a tatted bag or a camisole.

Azie has made slow progress on her stitching and hasn't been able to work on her tatting for a while so she thinks she may need a refresher course before she picks it up again.

Laura has changed Isaac's snake picture and incorporated some of the suggestions into a new picture. Looks good Laura.

LaRae has tatted a motif from a pattern on Wally's Tat-a-long. There is a variation in the way the joins were made.

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