Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tremendous Tatting

Ruth has posted more pictures of Celtic butterflies in lots of different colours and some with added beads. They're just gorgeous Ruth. I'd like a T shirt with lots of these scattered across it.

Gina did variations on a heart motif for the Tatting Pattern Calendar. Don't forget to let Ruth know if you have a design you'd like included.

Gail tatted a heart designed by Dorcas Newkirk, all rings are split rings but the point of the heart. She thinks the thread is Wildflowers by Caron, about a size 20, a soft thread that needs to be tatted loosely to close the rings easily.

Sue has been away from tatting for a while and jumped back in with the double daisy picot from Riet's blog. She also shows us a motif she was working on for the calendar, but didn't quite get it finished.

Mark has given the watercolor painting of his great aunt Mary Ellen to the family and it was appreciated by them all and will be used in the memorial services. He has plans to do several more watercolours of other family members. Liza the cat momentarily got her tongue stuck on Mark's knitted cap this morning which just goes to show how rough a kittie's tongue is.

Barbara has taken a selection of the motives she created and appliqued them to an inspirations book. Isn't it marvelous?

Carol's Wordless Wednesday is a picture of her new little friend.

Laura has been spending time with her grandson and discovering that she loves him more and more. Anybody ever taken an 11 month old toothless baby to the dentist? Sounds like fun, no teeth to worry about drilling and other nasty stuff.

LaRae's Wordless Wednesday is a bowlful of kitty. Thankful Thursday's entry is from Hosea 2:14-15 in The Message.I am noticing in many different blogs different ways to positively reflect on the past week. It's good to remember to be thankful as it keeps us appreciating our many blessings.

Charlene has been actively embroidering away on her quilts and stitched a lovely paisley heart. I wonder if it could be duplicated in tatting?

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