Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ceramic Shuttle, Hyacinth, and Eleonora Doily

Wally is in her new apartment but no internet access yet except at the internet café.

Mark has had some surprises in the mail. The book he ordered has finally arrived along with a ceramic shuttle. A ceramic shuttle? What an interesting idea. It's very pretty.

Sharon has been mopping up after the roof leaked. It's OK the threads are dry. She has posted a picture of her latest project, a hyacinth for the newsletter, just in time for spring.

Charlene shares a book she enjoyed reading and notes a recent purchase she made was listed at another bookseller's for considerably less. We've all done that at one time or other.

Marty has completed another of Iris Niebach's "Tatted Doilies" this one is Eleonora done with Coats hand quilting thread in muted tones. She used the central motif of this one to make a bookmark for her niece.

Mae Taylor is the originator of bookmark Sylvia did the other day.

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