Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another tatter added to the challenge

Ruth posted a picture of an earring on Saturday Jan 7 and today you can see what it looks like tatted in the Tatting Pattern Calendar Ruth has created a lovely heart using the medallion design.

LaRae posts her thankful Thursday entry with a list of the things she is appreciative of. You know what I am thankful of Thursday and every day? That I can have a hot shower and get clean whenever I want. There's nothing like a clean body mind and spirit.
Marty has joined the challenge and posted her first 2 entries. The first entry looks like an edging. But when it's wrapped around a a styrofoam ball and pinned in place with a matching bottom it becomes a lovely ornament. Her second entry is a single shuttle bookmark, but she's worried that she hasn't figured out how to make all of her threads spaces even.


tatnlace said...

Amen on the hot shower. You do a wonderful job keeping on top of all this. I am thankful for Sharon!

Sharon said...

I sometimes fell like I'm running as fast as I can and staying in one place just trying to keep up with everyone, but isn't all this tatting just marvelous?