Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Teapot, Edging, Bookmarks, Easter Egg, Snowflake, Heart and a Doily

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, there is a new design course starting in May. Details here

Tattabugg made a tea pot and cup from the book Tea Is For Tatting by Martha Ess using yarnplayer's HDT Old Rose for the center flower. She plans on making the cream and sugar to complete the set and framing them for her mother.

Journey has used Lizbeth #122 in size 20 for this edging, although she prefers using size 40, and it worked up quickly. She's not sure of the source of the pattern and because she knows we're curious, she shows us what she did for the corner. Nice and simple and invisible to the casual viewer.

Ninetta designed a new pattern, trying together the puncetto-tatting, split rings and vapour stitches which she explains in her techniques. It's done in one single row in DMC 80. The next edging she designed is worked with 2 shuttles and has a lot of cluny leaves and long picots. The thread is also DMC 80. The last edging is worked with 1 shuttle and the ball and is a very simple relaxing pattern made with Anchor size 70, ecru. She plans for red corners like those pictured done in DMC 80. Incredibly awesome designs.

Bree tatted Jon's fold over bookmark in Lizbeth size 20, leafy green, variegated, and white for a friend. The next piece is the center to a doily she started but doesn't like the way it turned out so she quit. Finally, she has designed her very first egg in rings and chains shown here in lovely spring pastels.

Fox has made Sue Hanson's Simply Flake pattern from the Ring of Tatters' 30th Anniversary Book of Patterns in Yarnplayers 'Peace' HDT and Suneeti's Metallic Pink gift thread. One of her early attempts morphed into a heart that could maybe use a little tweaking.

Gina is almost finished with the Mary Konior's triad turned into a bookmark. she just has a few more split rings and a marble to add and it's done.

Wanda has a lot of things going on, but not complete, things that she's done for gifts and doesn't want to show yet, things she ought to be doing but hasn't the inspiration to start yet, so, for Tatting Tea Tuesday, here's a pretty green doily to contemplate.

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