Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doily, Coaster, Motif and Edging

Patrycja has finally managed to complete this doily which is about 18 cm in diameter, or about 7 inches for the metrically challenged. The doily is her own design done in her own hand dyed size 20 Aida.

Linda was in need of a masculine gift for a secret tatted angel, so she decided a tatting embellished mug rug was just the perfect thing. I'd be afraid of getting tea and coffee stains on it

Fox is fascinated with the designs in the Finnish book, like this motif which is part of a larger design. The edging continues to grow, albeit slowly. This broken bit is where the thread broke and has further fuelled Fox's dislike of Lizbeth thread.

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modiga said...
Tatting lessons.;)