Sunday, April 10, 2011

Necklace, Coin Purse, Motifs and Edgings

Prabhjyotsaini has joined the challenge and begins with this necklace pattern by Totusmel using red color thread and shiny glass beads. This small bag pattern by Sheron Goldin encouraged her to learn how to make split chains.

Justyna was inspired by Fox and made these beaded pieces with silver spacers and her HDT.
Shannon chose to tat the recent Be-Stitched design by Nancy Tracy but made an adjustment by only putting four rings in the chains around the outer edge. It was tatted in yellow DMC thread #745 size 10.
When Ninetta made the swallow, she wasn't satisfied with the way the bead sat in the eye until she tried the Catherine Wheel Join. So she has added instructions on how to do it.
BSOTF decided plain blue jeans would look better doctored up with tatting. So here they are with a yellow motif and an undulating edging in matching yellow. What a neat idea!

Fox is being subversive, using a cut off piece of tatting and a link to her blog pencilled in the corner of a library book. Cheeky! She used 2 strands of Valdani thread in yellow, orange and green to tat a motif from a Finnish book and wasn't paying attention so she had to do as much un-tatting as tatting. The edging is coming along even though it has a couple of unexpected matte beads in it.

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