Sunday, April 03, 2011

Doily, Bookmarks, Gecko, Motifs, Edging and Crosses

Garyou thought 25 motifs in a year was too much, but on second thought it's just the right kind of incentive to tat more. The first entry is Anne Bruvold's Dragon Wing Doily in Lizbeth size 40.

Kristen started Stumpy and had to put it down part way through, then messed up when she picked it up later. The shape reminded her of the gecko so she modified it a bit to get her own stumpy gecko. Nancy Tracy's medallion was tatted in a variegated yellow/white and she thinks she might try to add another row and make it into a doily.

Nancy spend International Tatting Day (April 1st) in the dog park tatting her latest project, a collar by Gina Butler.
Diane tatted this bookmark pattern from Emsyjane in Hakelgarn size 20 and she's working on 3 different hanky edgings. That's one way not to get bored.
Fox finished the edging she was working on and it's very pretty and delicate on this Lily of the Valley hanky. Her sister sent her some Valdani thread and Fox had to try it out. She doubled it and used it in Jon's Mehurs pattern from her book Tatting with Rings.

Gina finished her folding bookmark and added rows of split rings terminating in tatting covered marbles to the ends.
Martha has tatted Mary Konior's Rockingham from the book Tatting in Lace, first in a solid colour figuring out how to do it all in one pass. Then in a size 10 variegated rayon thread she received from the Tatting Exchange. Then she worked it again with both types of thread and used Jane's single shuttle split chain method so that the colour remained consistent even on the split chain.

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