Sunday, April 24, 2011

Motifs, Bookmark, Doily, Easter Egg and Bracelet

Garyou used Olympus #40 in 731 and 455 to tat this Jane Eborall motif and practice SCMR.

Journey has started her April bookmark in silver and light teal, because she needed to empty some shuttles. Not having to empty shuttles is another one of the reasons I like bobbin shuttles. Remove bobbin, let fall wrap thread back on ball, no click, click, click to unwind and no wasted tatting time making things I don't need right now.

Gwen had a chance to get together with her friend working on the Nativity patterns by Inke Kuiperij and she has one robe completed and the start of a mantle. She has also tackled split chains and discovered that they aren't that hard after all.

Magda shares an Easter Egg with tatted flowers.

IsDihara was toying with the idea of morphing Lyn Morton's Margaret motif into a nine-petal flower and turning it into a nine-sided motif. She put her designing skills to work, using Tatskool's luscious ChocoRaspberry HDT to create this flowery star burst. The challenge could be taken one step further to change the 9 sided motif back into a 6 sided doily, just in case this wasn't challenge enough.

Barbara couldn't sleep, so she tatted another Easter Egg - Egg No. 12 in the "TATTED Easter Eggs" book by Kirsten Wind Hansen in Lizbeth thread size 20 colour No. 631 Country Purple Lt. She tried using a picot gauge, but with this many picots it was too troublesome.

Fox created this bracelet using a design inspired by Decorama, from a Vintage Mlle Riego pattern and used a silver thread with the dark blue for chains and navy beads.

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