Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teapot, Easter Egg, Motifs and Bookmarks

Tattabugg tatted the Antique Rose Tea Set from the book Tea Is For Tatting by Martha Ess. using Lizbeth Lemon and Leaf Green for the centre rose.
Linda has finished her CQ block which will be put into wall hangings and when completed it will be mailed to Hideko Ishida, the Japanese CQ sister group in Sendai. All proceeds from the viewing and auction of the wall hangings will go to a charity designated by Hideko.
Barbara has completed another egg from TATTED Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen. This one used Lizbeth thread size 20, #142 called Turquoise Twist.
Fox has another motif from the Finnish book done in yellow and maroon with green and blue beads for accents. The colours perfectly match the pansies on her shuttle.
Marty has been tatting up bookmarks. The first pair of bookmarks are Flower by xstchntat. The first one was made with size 30 Cebelia thread hand dyed by her sister, and size 40 white Lizbeth. She had meant to use size 20 but picked up the smaller size by accident and had to add a few stitches in the chains to adjust. When she did the second one using size 20 thread she continued used the extra stitches on the chains. The next one is made in size 20 Lizbeth and is her own pattern which is supposed to represent a string of butterflies. The last one is also size 20 and is made from her pattern for a button shirt decoration. As long as the button part is stuck out of the book, it won't make a lump in the book.

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