Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bracelet, Motifs, Seahorse, Easter Egg, Leaf, Flower, Hearts, and a Doily

Tattabugg has decided to join the challenge and for her first entry she shows us a bracelet she created using pearls and amethyst beads, which just happen to be the birthstones for both of her children, so this is one piece of tatting that she is keeping.
Justyna was enchanted with the intertwined flower created by Orsi and had to do her own version in pink and violet.
Journey is working on Jane Eborall's Seahorse, but since she wants to do it in 2 sections instead of 5 she has been jumping through hoops in order to accomplish that. It'll be pretty when it's done.

Jessica shows the second sample of the coin purse she will be teaching at Shuttlebirds.
Wanda tried Jane Eborall's Flowery SCMR Bookmark in Lizbeth Butterfly Breeze #127 and DMC Cébélia light green #955, both size 20. The green wasn't as much contrast as she was looking for, but I like the effect.
Barbara is still working on Easter Eggs. This is number 5 in the book done in Lizbeth size 20, colour 106.
Fox has the Finnish motif completed, but has discovered that she was doing the Catherine wheel join all wrong. (Who says it's wrong? It might be another way of right. As long as it works and it looks like it did.)
Gina downloaded the Finnish book and is working on one of the motifs. She had planned on using a split ting to climb out but started in the wrong place. The tatted leaf was a gift from Millie Moody who she had previously met at Starbucks.

Isa is inspired by spring to tat flowers like these.
Kelly tatted both these hearts in Lizbeth size 20 thread called Summer Fun. The first is Small Tatted Heart by Betsy Evans and the other is Susan Fullers Hearts Desire.

Martha has finished Iris Neibach's Anemone Nemorosa from her book Tatting Fantasia 2. All it needs now is blocking, but she has wisely decided to wait until after the move. Might as well wait, it's only going to get rumpled in the move.

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Fox said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sharon, but trust me... it is definitely wrong!
Fox : )