Thursday, September 02, 2010

Snowflakes, Doilies and Tatted Rocks

Kkommy completed Milky Way from Jon's Snow Collection in Lizbeth Falling Leaves 100 and Mocha Brown Dark 692 in size 20 and it reminds her of wildflowers. She started Easy Rounds Coaster again and she'll make a set by using same color for the chains.
Ingrid tatted these snowflakes in Durable crochet cotton from patterns on the internet, but when she tried needle tatting it didn't work very well, then she tried tatting jewellery, but it didn't work either and when she tried a doily pattern she discovered that it has cluny leaves which she can't do yet, so now she's going back to some basic patterns.
Marta had a pretty red stone with white veins but she couldn't find a way to show it off to it's best advantage until she tatted a cage for it in Madeira Metallic gold colour thread.
Fox has tatted Anne's Dragon Wing Doily and now she's ready to tat the whole dragon.

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