Friday, September 24, 2010

Doilies, Edging, Bookmarks, Bracelet, Necklaces, and a Suit

Bree is making Kersti's Stumpy bookmark using a variety of threads. These are made with Lizbeth in both needle and shuttle tatting and she is working on another in needle tatting using hand quilting thread.
Jennie has made a necklace to match the bracelet done earlier with a few adjustments using split rings here and there. Hattalahutta has been very industrious although it may not look like it from her tatting because she has taken on clunies. Ingrid tatted an edging with purple Durable crochet cotton from the book Tatting doilies & edgings edited by Rita Weiss and added it to a baby t-shirt and matching socks. She stitched the edging flat on the collar of the shirt, but not on the socks. They both look wonderful.
Orsi now has all of the pieces for her suit done and she took it apart to starch the lace and mark the silk. She's finally ready to assemble all of the pieces.
Sue has been hard at work tatting rounds 6 and 7 of Agasunset's tablecloth. Wally is working on this doily which uses a CD as a base.

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Teresa said...

As always, lots of interesting stuff to check out. Everything looks wonderful- I especially like that round that will be a tablecloth.