Saturday, September 11, 2010

Doily, Bracelet, Necklaces, Motifs and Eearrings

Magda is making jewellery with more of a Gothic flair like this Queen Margot pendant done in size 20 Madeira decorated with artificial blood red pearls. The Queen of the Night bracelet which is made in black Aida accented with dark rainbow beads. Princess earrings are tatted in black Aida size 20 and decorated with glass rainbow beads.
Tattips found a motif that she designed a while ago named it "Adora" and has decided to use it as a profile picture for her Etsy store.
Fox went to something simple that used to confound her and tatted this simple motif with some beads. Then she started one of Mary Konior's designs in a lovely lavender Coron size 20 received in an exchange, but ran out of thread and continued on in pastel pink with beads only to be stymied by directional tatting. Have you noticed a pattern here of Fox challenging herself with new mind boggling techniques, alternated by plain and simple pieces as her brain takes a rest to absorb what she's learned?

Krystle tatted up a sample of her new Sea Glass HDT to show the colours off better.
Nami has trouble finding a willing model and an attractive background to display her bracelets so she has been trying out some software that lets her erase everything except the lace. These are some of the bracelets she has made. The pendant features sea amber.
Sherry is back on bed rest again and since there isn't much you can do in bed except tat, she is working on a long term project, making a large Diamond Doily using Jane Eborall's pattern, in size 80 Majestic thread. It looks amazing so far and Sherry has also included a graphic of the planned design.

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