Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TIAS, Belt, Bracelet, Motifs and Edging

Rayanna had a little set back, but she's tatting the TIAS again and has reached day 9. Almost done.
Jessica found the added incentive of a deadline helped her complete her belt in time for Valentine's Day. She's thinking of doing more in Koigu yarn and beads. She tatted this simple bracelet pattern in Koigu and it tatted well enough although it was difficult to un-tat.

Magda has tatted several bracelets with Japanese Miyuki beads and named them after operettas. Czardas Princess was tatted with maroon twist Madeira size 20. Tales of the Vienna Woods are made from green twist Madeira size 20. The Bat is made of black twist Aida size 20 with hematite beads. The Land of Smiles is made from pomegranate twist Madeira size 20.

Orsi has the pattern for her Napoleon motif ready.
Ancolie likes square patterns, so here is another square motif, this time with beads in the corners.

Brigitte has a blouse with a wide V-neck and she decided to fill the space with lace using this design by Teri Dusenbury tatted in Star size 70 thread.

Fox is going crazy tatting miles of edging, (it's really only 44 inches for a standard hanky). So she is breaking up the boredom with some interesting tatting with beads.


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Fox said...

Really? Only 44 inches! Never knew that. Feels like 26 miles!
Fox : )