Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Heart, Necklaces, TIAS, Bookmarks, Motifs, Dragon, Earrings, Doily

Alba Alicia has Day7 of TIAS done and a completed heart that she really likes.

Isa tatted the second necklace in turquoise colour cotton thread size 20. It was fashioned after Lynn Morton's pattern Wedding Hoop with Mother of Pearl leaves. The cross is from the book Tatted Bokmarks by Lene Björn done in size 20 white and yellow. The pattern for this heart is in German from the Swiss-Tatting free pattern website and tatted in size 20 DMC thread. The blue heart is inspired by Lynn Morton's pattern book, and it's a collar to one of her dolls, tatted in size 10 with blue cristals pearls in each joining picot. Day 7 TIAS looks like a crocodile.

Claudia was trying out some Clea thread for tatting using some patterns from Victats and a traditional round ring and chain motif, to create these boolmarks.

Diane tatted Easy Bookmark from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker and the snowflake for February is Star from Tatting Patterns by Mary Konior.

Fox has round one completed on this pieces from the Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito.

Gina tatted Fox's Abigail in Altin Basak and the outer part is a Lizbeth thread. Gina is joining One World One Heart and has hearts, butterflies, seahorses, dragons. earrings and bookmarks ready for the event.

Ingrid has made numerous attempts at tatting edgings, but nothing seems to work.

Lily's little brother's first attempt at tatting was a "necklace" big enough to fit over her hand. Her small doily only has two more sections left to do and it's looking very lacy.

Sherry has some new hand painted ceramic shuttles ready and she also has her Mondo Mondy Giveaway posted.

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