Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks, Motifs, Edging, TIAS and Hearts

Isa tatted a pendant in size 20 thread using an idea from a German web site and added an amber stone in the center of the work.
Jessica will be teaching a pendant and earring set at Shuttlebirds this year. The basic design is one that she uses not only for necklaces but also for cuffs and fingerless gloves.

Mary turned Mary Konior's Black Magic edging into a bookmark. She saw another pattern and can't remember the source, but liked how the bookmark for it turned out.

Bree decided she needed her own needle case, so she made one complete with tatted decoration.
Orsi has named her recent edging Waterloo and she likes how it is so flexible. It can have a slight arc or bend like a collar or fold right round to make a square motif. After playing with it several ways she played around with Josephine knots making then tight, loose or varying them to make an interesting shape.

Corina has her version of Jane's TIAS done and as we have discovered, it's a very clever plane.
Isabel was already fairly certain that this was going to be an airplane on day 8 and sure enough it was, but do you see what happened so close to the end. Running out of thread on the last ring just isn't fair.
IsDihara has been hoarding some Altin Basak size 50 thread in copper #355 and blue 336 received in a thread exchange and finally decided to use them on VicTat's Ruffled Heart.
Linda already has a special use for her TIAS as part of a challenge wall hanging.

Vanessa, like a lot of other people, was expecting some sort of critter, but here is her TIAS aeroplane. Jane sure is sneaky, tricking everyone right up until the last day.

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