Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motifs, Miniatures, Lucky Clover, Doilies, Hearts, Earrings Bracelet and Headband

Isa has already finished her first 25 motifs with this Jan Stawasz's design tatted in cotton crochet thread. Now she's doing another 25 using a design found on the internet and incorporating 2 different colours of beads.

BevM has been tatting a lot of miniatures like this tiny oval doily done in size 100 sewing thread. Carol Lepard's Snowflake 1 tatted in this fine thread is as small as a nickel. The last 2 are Jon Yusoff's snowflake designs. She has tatted 3 of each of these designs to build up stock for he stall at the VAME miniature show in Melbourne, Australia.

Mary has created a miniature teddy bear and tatted him a lucky clover to hold on to.

Charlotte has been finishing up some WIPs. The Big Cross in Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns was tweaked to make the whole thing a little smaller. It was tatted in Flora size 20 thread in black, and Tatskool's hand-dyed size 20 Rainbow Bright. Snowflake number 2 from Barbara Foster's Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth thread.

Karen created a hoop earring design but it didn't have the necessary structure to make it hold it's shape so she wove some plain hoops into the tatting.
Magda was feeling tatting withdrawal and was glad when the need of some Valentine gifts gave her the opportunity to make a bracelet and matching earrings she named Aphrodite. She used maroon twist Madeira thread size 20 with black beads and Miyuki beads. The brooch, named Bohemian Dance is made of black Aida number 20 and in the middle and at the ends of the zigzag chains it has black teardrop shaped beads. The earrings are tatted with white Aida size 20 and have pearl rice beads added.

Orsi has continues with her designing. First there was the Napoleon motif. Then there was the Waterloo edging. Now they have been combined into Napoleon in Waterloo doily.
Kat's Mom asked her to tat some hearts for friends of hers and Kat chose to tat Birgit Phelps pattern.
Patrycja has begun tatting this doily using some hand dyed Aida size 20. On such a large piece I'd be worried about running out of thread.
Corina tatted Jon's Quantiesque snowflake using some thread that was already on the shuttles from TIAS.

Linda has tatted lots of hearts. The Heart Bouquet Pattern by Pam Palmer, Hearts by VicTats for cards, hearts to hand and a tatted heart edging.

Bev aka BJ found the link to this simple heart pattern online and completed it in about 45 minutes. It's an easy tat, if you don't miscount, and watch for twisting.

Diane is working on a couple of pieces right now. The blue is some Lizbeth that she picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby and the pink/red is HDT from Krystledawne.

Gina tatted this fan from Mary Maynard's flowers from Rings of Flowers. It wasn't a quick tat mostly because the pattern wasn't a diagram and because she had 6 ends to hide.

Lily tatted the Glass Mat from Semco book in the Handy Hands winter newsletter and has been pressing it in a book. She started on Fox's motif using Lizbeth size 20 Redburst and then got too sick to tat any more, so it's waiting for her to feel better.

Sue tatted the Wandering Blooms Bracelet by Dawn McLaughlin in Tatskool's Coral Reef HDT size 40. Her daughter's headband was too loose so Sue tatted Mary Konior's Honest edging pattern from Tatting with Visual Patterns in black to match it the headband will stretch but the tatting won't, so it will fit better.

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