Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flower, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Bookmarks, Edging, Doily, Snowflake and Motifs

Kristen has finally used Lyn Morton's book Tatting Patterns and tatted Water Lily with a yellow centre and white border. The she added a leaf and stem to give it a bit more character.
Jessica finally finished her write-up for her earring and necklace class for Shuttlebirds and almost has the write-up for the split-ring bracelet class done as well. Now she needs some test tatters to try them out.

Karen combined the turquoise thread with silver beads on this bracelet and made a matching pendant with black, silver, and a translucent black beads on the front motif and nor beads on the back motif and a domed glass decor gem sandwiched between the front and back motif.

Stephanie Grace is still working on bookmarks but has added a little twist. This one tatted with LizBeth #156, Juicy Watermelon had a flower button in matching colour added to one end to keep it in place in the book, but it works so much better as a bracelet. Then she had to try out Fairy Dance HDT from LadyDustyRoses's Shop and it made another lovely bookmark.

Orsi has another edging in the Napoleon line. This one is called Nelson. In her continuing experiments with Josephine knots she has done split ring JKs with the first half on one side and the second half on the other side for an interesting effect.

Isabel is tatting something in mignonette and wants to know if you can figure out what it is.
Brigitte has noticed that she has tatted a lot of Anne Bruvold's patterns. That's because she makes such nice designs, like the 2 colour snowflake the Brigitte did in Lizbeth Size 20 thread in variegated and white.

Fox is finished with her teal, cream and brown motif and now that it's done she's decided she doesn't like the colours. She's back to working on the white edging with clear beads and she's finding it rather soothing. She's having to re-evaluate things too since she has a drawer full of doilies and she isn't a doily person and she has a need to tat but no need for the finished product.
Gina has discovered some vintage tatting with pen and ink embellishment. What an interesting find.

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