Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bookmarks, Doilies, Necklaces, Motifs, Heart, TIAS and a Bracelet

Schmath joins the challenge and has begun by tatting the Floral Bliss bookmark by Ellen Lai.
Jessica has one more section to complete on the Star doily and then all of the tatting will be done. Once that's completed she has to figure out how to add the fabric centre.

Karen tatted around a glass decor gem in variegated green Omega rayon thread and joined it at the sides with pearl beads to make a pendant.
Stephanie Grace has tatted another bookmark. This one is tatted in LizBeth Black and LizBeth #626; Shell Pink Lt and having some thread left on the shuttles she tried Yarnplayer's Remembrance ring and this time it worked. She wanted solid and variegated blue and ordered LizBeth Color #117, Country Side and the matching solid blue which she used to make this bookmark, except that she ordered the wrong solid colour.

Orsi decided to make her Napoleon in Waterloo doily bigger and has added more motifs around the edge. This is going to be an amazing doily.
Kat has continues her trials with learning to shuttle tat. Her first ring and chain motif was a success. She has gone on to try out the Stumpy bookmark and while it seems to be working she's having trouble enlarging her ring enough to get the shuttle through.
Wanda had an idea that she thought would work with SSSRs and started out with Lizbeth size 20 in Lilac Dk. #641, but they didn't quite work as planned so she cut them off and replaced them with something else and the design has gone back to the drawing board.
Brigitte used red Lizbeth Size 20 to tat Anne Bruvold's Christmas Heart which is the perfect size for a card. she was given Jane Eborall's flowery bookmark pattern by one of her friends at the Oklahoma Shuttle Bugs Tatting Group meeting and promptly went home and picked out this lovely variegated Lizbeth Size 20 thread named Sherbet Delight and paired it with medium leaf green to make a perfect hostess gift.

Carol tatted Jane Eborall's Flurry Heartache for Valentine's Day and for the center bead, she used a 6mm heart bead. Like many others she was sure the TIAS was going to be some kind of lizard and was surprised at the end, to have tatted a plane.

Isa tatted this bracelet using brown silk thread and over 200 crystal beads using a pattern from a Danish member of the tatting group in Sweden. Very sparkly!
Lily started to write out her first pattern, but then started to re-tat it and went off in a different direction so that now she has 2 designs to write out. She pointed out that the colours aren't a great combination in the second motif, but it did make it easier to keep track of the threads.

Marty really likes Vicki Clark's Ruffled Heart, but somehow when she tats it it doesn't come out right. The Rainbow heart is her own snowy heart pattern, but she makes some kind of alteration every time she tats it. In this case the multicolour thread hides the differences very well.

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