Monday, December 06, 2010

Snowflakes, Heart, Necklaces, Candle Cover and Window Picture

Magda tatted a lovely delicate piece of lace as a cover for a candle.
Sunshinecraft tatted one of the 'window pictures' in the Burda Tatting book in DMC Cebelia 20.
Linda created a CQ Christmas cracker embellished with Angels in the Snow and a heart from an online pattern.
BSOTF is seeing white snowflakes out the window and more colourful ones inside. The necklace can also be worn as a brooch so that it's like getting 2 gifts in one.

Diane is hoping for lots of snow and has made Snowflake 2 from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments for Needle and Shuttle Tatters, edited by Barbara Foster in festive red green and white.

Fox tatted Jon's pattern as a gift for a friend whose Mom passed away. She picked up a bag of odd coloured beads and didn't really have any idea what to do with them until she remembered some thread that was the right colour to match them received in an exchange. Unfortunately after several retro tats of Miranda's Angels in the Snow, she didn't have quite enough teal thread to finish it.

Ingrid is tatting her own flurry of flakes with lots of Lily Qualls Morales button snowflake from A Labor of Love, tatting beyond the basics which uses a button centre. Vida Sunderman's Jingle Bell Snowflake from the book Tatted Snowflakes is the snowflake in the middle.
Lily started tatting with some Lady Shuttle Maker's Silk HDT in Easter Egg but the thread seems finer than the size 20 she's used to. The blue choker with the pink crystal drop beads has been finished with an S shaped wire for a closure. She has been working from Tatting Jewelry by Lyn Morton and made the pendant from the Romance set made with red metallic thread and dark chocolate crystal beads. She started to make a pair of the Double Thread Posy Earrings from the same book but got carried away and now she's looking for ideas what to do with it.

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