Monday, December 27, 2010

Bookmarks, Pendants, Hearts, Motifs, Doily, Butterfly, Flowers, Snowflakes and Angel

Hattalahutta made this little bookmark using one of the flower fragments from Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting for one of her boyfriend's sisters in Lizbeth 20 in Dark Boysenberry and Medium Leaf Green. The tassel is the variegated Leafy Greens. She also made the "Grand Aura" pendant from Yarnplayer's book in black Lizbeth 40 with red beads.
Stephaniegrace has been tatting Brigit Phelps L'il Heart, wreaths and flowers from the book "Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn. She's so hooked on the hearts that she has done one in DMC Cebelia, Size 30, in Victorian Rose (223) and Ivory (712) with "Rose Glow" beads (size 11/0) and to add the beads, she changed the first chain to B3p4B3 and the last to 3B4j(through bead)3B and all other chains she changed to 3B4B3. The one with the green border was done with two HDTs from and the pink-bordered heart was done with Lizbeth, size 20, in Denim Whisper and Dust Rose Lt.

Kjellaug used size 30 thread on this trial of Debbie Arnold's doily and she got further on this attempt at the pattern.
Corina tatted a 3D butterfly designed by Sharren Morgan in Lizbeth 670 and 136. She also did Georgia's Heart Doily and then went on to do a flower from Ruth Perry's Celtic Tatting which her husband called a Christmas Rose and can be seen in sections and assembled.

Nancy tatted Mary Konior's baby bootie pattern, but omitted the second round so that they'd fit the preemie baby they're intended for.
Sunshinecraft worked on this elegant design from Elisadusud called Rose du Noel, done in DMC perle 8 and the clunies were really coming along nicely until she tried to tat in public, and then it all seemed to develop a mind of it's own. In this trio of snowflakes from Jon Yusoff's snowflake book, the first is Oasis in Anchor perle 8, the second is Floret in the DMC perle 8 and the last is Astral done with 3 strands of metallic embroidery thread, 2 blue one silver.

Fox tatted Myra Piper's design again with fewer beads in size 20 Olympus and the effect was much nicer. More isn't always better. She has also checked off making celtic knots a la Ruth Perry from her to do list this year. Then she designed a new little doodle, which was easy and fun, but then she has to write it out, which isn't. Her first design was tatted by Beelizabeth, who worked it from the photo not the pattern.

Sue has a lot of tatting to show as she wraps up her challenge. There's Ellen Lai's Angel Paper Clip done in size 3 sparkle thread, and Snowflake on a Paper Clip done in the same thread and my Heart Bookmark turned ornament for a small tree, followed by a cross designed by Mark Myers tatted in Lizbeth Royal Blue size 40 mounted in a snow globe. Best of all, everyone that she did tatting for loved their gifts.

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