Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowflakes, Earrings, Heart, Flowers and Motifs

Sharon enjoyed tatting Miranda's Angels in the Snow and really likes the way it looks in variegated thread, especially Yarnplayer's Snowflake HDT.
Wanda doesn't have any snow outside so she's tatting up a snow storm inside. She's decided this year's snowflake is the one at the top right.
Fox was about to tat a pattern in the book, but it didn't look like what she had pictured in her head. So she closed the book and did her own thing using Yarnplayer's Soft Pansy HDT for a delightful new design.

Lily was given her mother's bridal bouquet with pale yellow roses, tatted flowers made by her great aunt and baby's breath which she will keep for her own nuptials some time in the future.

Sue found some new earring posts since those she had been using for her niece's earrings were not hypoallergenic. At the same time she found a wonderful heart shaped box that she covered in origami paper and glued the recently done heart onto it. It will make a lovely gift box for her mother in law's earrings.

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