Thursday, December 09, 2010

Motifs, Bookmarks, Butterfy, Angel, Bracelet, Snowflakes and Christmas Tree

Yvonne has finished her Christmas crafting and these are the only tatted pieces she can share. The motif from Mini Tats in size 10 in the color Christmas was being tried out as an ornament. The second is Stumpy in Lizabeth Springtime which she plans on framing and giving to her cousin for Christmas.
Hattalahutta made a butterfly with Lizbeth 20 Sea Shell #114 and pink beads for sparkle using the Birte pattern from Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflies for her mother's cell phone. Her aunt wanted a beaded angel to hang in the window of their new cabin, but she couldn't find a pattern that made an angel large enough that didn't require a large purchase of expensive beads, so she tatted one and just added as many beads as possible. The pattern is Marjorie's Angel by Martha Ess, and the thread is Puppets Eldorado (size 10-20) in white.

Kat can finally show the tatting from her exchange where she received a lovely bookmark and a tatted motif that she can put on a necklace. The piece she sent was Jon's Merriment Doily tatted in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20. A jumble of finished tatted pieces, does indeed look like Christmas, or at least like Christmas tatting.

Isabel shares a rose motif tatted in red and black and changed into a bookmark with the addition of a chain and tassel. She doesn't remember where the pattern came from. The bracelet is one of her own designs.

Fox has finally mentally grasped a weaver's knot so that this truncated motif isn't hopeless. She paired together 2 variegated threads which might have spelled disaster, but fortunately the colours blend well together and are living happily side by side in this motif from DMC's Festive Tatting.

Lily finally completed Jane's Flurry Snowflake in silk Easter Egg HDT minus a couple of beads. When I use a single colour of beads I always load more on both the shuttle and ball threads than what's required.
Sue thought she was making a motif just like the earlier one, but it seemed to come out smaller, then she realized she had a hexagon instead of an octagon. Been there. Done that. A bunch of times.

Vanessa tatted a Christmas tree design by Nancy Tracy in Altin Basak and will use it as part of the design in the Christmas card swap she's in.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to comment that I had plenty of beads on my shuttles. The problem was that I read the pattern wrong and missed getting those beads in 2 places.

I'll just have to give it another go! ;-)

today's word caption verifier was: "grate" - that's what it does to my nerves when I mess up a pattern. LOL