Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree, Wreaths, Crosses, Motifs, and Snowflakes

Mary turned the tatted Christmas Tree from Nancy Tracy at Be-Stitched into a bookmark by adding a tassel to the trunk. Alladin from Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflakes Collection tatted in pink was the first one done and she's looking forward to tatting the next one.

Bree tatted this section of edging in Lizbeth size 20 to go on a miniature stocking. Another section in size 10 ecru is destined for a larger table runner when it's finished.

Nancy has tatted the cross bookmark from Gina B. in lots of colours and she likes to add a tail with a small charm. She has also tatted the wreath pattern from The Big Book of Tatting in several variations.

Sunshinecraft is working her way through Jon's snowflake book and the first is called Circle of Crowns worked with two strands of clover gold embroidery thread. The other two are Radiance and Minaret in Anchor 80.

BSOTF has the tatting done, now to see about which to give and how to wrap.

Fox couldn't resist tatting another Flurry Snowflake in Krystle's wonderful Midsummer Night's Dream, size 20 and ecru Häkelgarn size 20. Then she did Twirly by Serena Watson from the Ring of Tatters pattern book, a 4 shuttle pattern. Then she ran into trouble cause by clunies and celtic knots.

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