Monday, October 02, 2006

Teeny Tiny Tatted Treasures

Jan has completed another one of the motives from Patti Duff's Mini Tats. This is the most complex motif she has done so far. Jan has been doing the same motif several times until she's happy with the results. Many tatters perfect there stitches by doing lots of edgings. Edgings let you memorize the pattern so that you can pay more attention to your stitches. After a while you tat on auto pilot so you can spend more time making sure that your picots are uniform and your tension is consistent. Little things like how tightly you close your rings and how snuggly you pull up your chains, have an impact on your lace. It's harder to hone these skills when you are practicing on motives, so it's more of a challenge. Arlene has posted 2 hearts and the centre of "Rose bouquet heart" from Becky Dempsey formerly posted Maus' site. Now that she's done these, she thinks she'll try her own designs. Sharon has added another snowflake to the collection. These will be morphed into hearts and butterflies for a study in designing. Carol has created an itty bitty angel with cluny wings that's less than an inch tall. So sweet!

If you've been watching the challenge, but haven't jumped in yet, remember that you have one calendar year from the time you start. So if you start now, you have until next October to tat your 25 motives. If you were afraid to start because you thought you'd missed the inception date, don't worry, you can start now. If you thought you were too much of a newbie, think again. One of our participants jumped into the challenge only 2 weeks after she first learned to tat. Anyone can join. Just add a comment below or send me an e-mail at sharon at gagechek dot com and give me the address of your web page, blog, or photo page. At the first opportunity, I'll add your link to the list on the right.

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