Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Celtic tatting, spiders, bookmark, heart and more

Ruth has posted some more of her celtic motives. She's been busy moving to Kansas and hasn't had time to get her book out yet. Ruth you are such a tease, tormenting us with these incredible designs and then making everyone w- a- i- t. In addition to the letter "O" and the celtic pumpkin, Ruth is also displaying some big hairy spiders. Arachniphobes be warned, Ruth's web site is scary.

Riet has created a bookmark using the daisy picot technique and discovered at the end she had used 2 different sizes of thread. It's very pretty, will it look the same if the threads are the same size?

Azie is just getting into tatting and has posted some pictures of her work so far. After the flip, everything else gets easier.

Laura did the blue heart Jon created the other day in yellow, pink and green.

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