Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pumpkins and Snowflakes, It must be Fall.

Wally has posted a fan motif which incorporates pearl tatting. Wally has cleverly used this technique to create an effect similar to hairpin lace.

Eva has done Kersti Anear's bookmark design using Flora thread in her team's colours.

Janet has done Donata's sweet heart motif. She has also created an intriguing red and white daisy picot snowflake with a button centre.

Gail was looking through her stash and found a previously created pumpkin and jack o'lantern. She's also done her first try at a goddess shape using a Scharf leaf for the bottom. It still needs a bit of tweaking.

Sharon is continuing on with the designing primer.

Snowy has posted a motif done in a scrumptious Valdani thread. She didn't identify the pattern but it looks like the same one Nivedita has on her blog from the Blomqvist and Persson book.

Carol has a tatted moonlighting bat on her blog and a GIANT spider, but it's not tatted. Carol must be trying to terrify the neighborhood kids.

LaRae has another snowflake done. She used the pattern from DMC Festive Tatting but the design called for 8 repeats and it worked better for her using only 7.

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Katherine said...

Yes, Sharon, it's from the Blomquist and Person book, I think it's page 39. I'm sorry, I keep forgetting to credit my sources!