Friday, October 06, 2006

Another Tatter finishes 25

Congratulations to Clyde who has completed his 25 motives, 16 large and 9 small for his tablecloth. The tablecloth will take 276 motives so Clyde only has 251 more to go! He's now going to work on Ruth Perry's boa pattern for his daughter in something colourful. Clyde comments that working on white can get boring after a while and I think we all agree. After he's finished the boa and maybe a couple of other colourful items he'll come back and join us for another 25.

Barbara has posted another ecru motif for her pashmina. This design is from Tatting with Anne Orr, Done with DMC Cordonnet Special Ecru 40.

I have posted the 3rd entry on designing. I have been tatting motives but need to hide ends and block before I can scan them.

Snowy has done a motif from the Julia Saunders book using more of the luscious hand dyed threads. This one's a beautiful green, and she's also done a little one in purple just to use up the thread on the shuttle, but it's pretty too.

Jeanne has tatted a key from Judith Connors book New Designs from an Old Art. This book may encourage her to finally tackle split chains. Go ahead Jeanne, once you learn you'll never go back.

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