Monday, October 09, 2006

A Day Late

I checked all the blogs last night but decided that I'm not coherent when I'm falling asleep on the keyboard and that's not a good state to be in while trying to do something other people will read. So here's yesterday's post- today.

Jon has posted a blue heart made up of lots of little daisies surrounded by an outer chain. This is a design that would look like a strawberry done in red. Maybe for a strawberry a bit of green could be added on the top.

Lori has created a sweet one inch snowflake.

Donna B has been experiencing computer problems and just got a new MacBook, so she is able to post again. Today she has more motives showing. The first is "Thistle" from Tatting Patterns, one on Konior's books done in a colour she doesn't care for. Have you ever noticed that the colour of a motif affects the way you feel about a pattern? The second motif is "Windmill" from another Konior book and she's gone back to using the blue variegated thread. Windmill is one of those motives that you really have to see several of them connected to get the full effect as one motif by itself doesn't let you visualize the whole. The blades of the windmill start in the centre of one motif, spread out to the edge and when connected to the second motif the blade narrows down to a point again in the centre of the second motif.

Laura has just completed a button motif that was shared by Janet earlier in the challenge. This is terrific. One tatter creating a design for the challenge and another tatter using the design for their own challenge collection.

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