Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blogs Brimming with Beauty

Werner has added a snowflake motif from Wally's Tat-Along site
Lynda has a gorgeous variegated leaf motif in progress. Clyde took a breather from his monumental tablecloth, to tat a heart motif for the Ontario Fringe Element Tatters Group. Mark has completed the face for his Geisha. A motif is a recurring theme, so that means there needs to be more than one Mark... Terry was trying for a 6 pointed snowflake using Bina Madden’s Celtic Picot when she created this 5 pointed star. The pattern is included on her blog. Memé started a spiral motif from a Japanese publication and accidentally refilled her shuttle with a slightly different colour thread. Interesting effect, it looks like half of the motif is in shadow. Donna B has finished the last of her UFOs and posted her first Challenge motif, the “Whirligig” from A Pattern Book of Tatting, done in basic black. EeKoon has posted her first motif and she just learned to tat 2 weeks ago! Congratulations EeKoon, tatters who have been tatting much longer than that haven't taken the plunge yet and EeKoon's work is very consistent for a beginner.
One other interesting note, a counter has been added to the Challenge page.

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Unknown said...

Sharon, Thanks for all your hard work in keeping up the posts for the 25 motif challenge. It looks like it is becomming a lot of work. Clyde.