Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 new designs from Janet, Gail & Donna

Janet has created her own daisy pattern with a more realistic petal. Gail notes that tatting is so much better than cleaning, and to prove it she posts a lovely variation of Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts. Sharol took a break from tatting sun motives to complete a dragon she had been working on. Jan has re-done her snowflake from yesterday in a lovely variegated blue and comments that she thinks she's in love with Aero shuttles. (Me too.) Barbara has added another lavender motif for her pashmina shawl. This design is from Tatting with Anne Orr, a Dover Needlework Series. Donna started a 5 pointed star as her first motif, but realized when she was working on the third arm of the star, that she had only done 4 picots on the central, starting ring. After a very slight modification, the star has become a cross. Many new designs begin this way. Tatting is so labour intensive, we don't give up on mistakes, we get creative with them. Knitting and crochet can easily be ripped out, while tatting is carefully undone or cut off.

Do remember to check out the individual blogs from the list on the right. There are so many marvelous adventures in tatting happening, I can't begin to show them all here. If you don't check out each blog on your own, you will be missing out. Don't forget to comment when you visit the sites. Whether the tatter is a beginner or a seasoned designer, comments are always appreciated.

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