Monday, July 11, 2011

Motifs, Necklaces, Edgings, Doilies, Snowflakes, Bell, Bookmark and Flowers

Michelle was making great progress, until she realized that she made a mistake and had to cut off 2.5 hours of work. She left that project in frustration to tat a choker using a metallic thread from JoAnn's called Kreizni, but the verdict is that it itches. The hanky is another of aunt Rose-E's.

Anika has round 4 of the pink doily completed in spite of being sick. She's also making progress on the edging doing more than half of one side in a single sitting.

Sharon tatted the Wheel of Fortune snowflake pattern by Teri Dusenbury and just for fun she may make this one again in different thread sizes, or add some beads.

Linda is participating in the Needles and Shuttle Yahoo Tatting Group Christmas in July Tatting Exchange. She tatted the Christmas Bell pattern from Pam Palmer in Lizbeth Snow White #20, altering
the pattern to work it continuously by using a split ring. She also added beads on the bottom and one Iridescent bead for the clapper. Shae also send a sample of thread wound on a wooden shuttle with a tatted sample done in hens and chicks that made a cute hat for the dog on the card.

Bonnie did some test tatting for Jon's new book and this one is #4 Baiduri.

Diane loves blue and when she bought this blue Oren Bayan size 50 she immediately had to tat something with it. Mary Konior's "Bud Fragments" from Tatting with Visual Patterns was tatted then a chain and then a second motif in reverse. Very clever.

Fox tatted Jane's Fandango motif several times before she was satisfied with it and has plans to do it again. She kept banging her noggin on a nearly invisible casement window until she hung it with tatted motifs. Pretty and practical. Jane's Small Motif and Fandango have kept her busy and away from the hanky, but she is making some progress on the edging

Gina tatted these motifs for a project she has in mind. The thread is Omega size 30 and the beads are seed beads size 11/0. She doesn't like the thread but loves the colours. This edging is another part of the project. The finished work is a headband with the edging sewn down and the rosettes sewn on with some extra beads in the middle. Just gorgeous.

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