Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Motifs, Edgings, Seahorse Dragon, Earrings, Snowflakes and Bookmarks

Michelle has finished 13 out of 154 Quatrain motifs. She got to meet up with Cindy and Diane and have a nice visit with them and having been reminded by Gina that it's important to share tatting treasures she pulled up the hankies done by her great aunt Rose-e. The corners were cut off to allow for a tatted butterfly being added in. One of them done in very fine thread has butterflies on all 4 corners. The seahorse butterfly was done dome time ago but is just being shared now.

Gwen tatted the Back to School Apple from Mark's blog for some friends in Altin Basak 357 size 50 and Flora 230 size 20.

Marta doesn't thing a summer full of chasing spilled beads and findings constitutes a relaxed time. So for now she's going to put those things away and concentrate of tatting that doesn't require corralling moving parts. For now though she does have several pieces completed.

IsDihara is making progress on her foundation chain for her ring trim braid lanyard. It's at 32 inches and she only has 4 more inches to go.

Diane shares a test tat of a snowflake design from Jon's new book. I love the shapes within shapes on this design.

Fox is just over half way through her hanky edging and thanks to the tip to add a half stitch where the chain begins again, the annoying gaps have disappeared. She finished Jane's small motif pattern but the bead in the starting ring isn't sitting right and she doesn't know how to fix it. The first motif from The Tatter's Treasure Chest was added to a bag and it has been done again in a pale colour with pastel beads and she loves everything about it. She has revisited an edging that was giving her fits and she thinks she has it finally figured out.

Gina shares some of the history of Carol Louise Odendahl Moser April 6, 1930 - October 14, 2010 who was a prolific tatter that tatted booties for every one of her 12 grandchildren, and did various other pieces including an unfinished tablecloth, pictured.

So what is this blob of tatting Kat is showing us? It's Monica's Makena, a ball tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Country Turquoise Medium. Here it is being shaped in a blown up balloon.

Liyarra has continues with her bookmarks. Heart2Heart by Julie Patterson in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20. Then an adaptation of an old Anna edging in Lizbeth Mountain Breeze size 40. Followed by Eye Spy by Julie Patterson from Just Marking Tome in Lizbeth Bright Turquoise size 40. Finally, Clover Bookmark by Kelly Luljak which can be found online is done in Lizbeth Spring Garden size 40.

Orsi continues working on this edging that will take some time to complete and notes that the heart motif is a perfect corner for this edging which she has named Flora.

Wanda wants to add some tatting to a bag and found some metal pieces that she thought had a nice potential for adding tatting to them.

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