Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dragon and Edgings for Hankies

Michelle has the dragon bookmark done and ready for her sister to claim. This blue and white hanky in her aunt Rose-E stuff is one that Michelle tatted for a friend's wedding, but why it's still in her possession is a mystery. She is making slow progress on Quatrain and added a progress bar to her blog. Sadly it only moves after she has done 2 motifs. This white on white hanky is another one from her aunt's stash.

Fox realized the border, from The Tatter's Treasure Chest, tatted in Karey Solomon's HDT, #30, was too heavy to go all around, so she finished it with a simple ring and chain pattern, in the ecru thread she received from Kelly, Coats #30, and added corners with Josephine Knots. Perfect with an "S" for Suneeti.

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youngtatter said...

Okay, I think I'd like to do this! Thanks for the encouragement and motivation!