Friday, July 29, 2011

Motifs, Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Doily, Bracelet, Edging, Earrings and Heart

Joy participated in an exchange and received an assortment of lovely things from tatting-marie.

Axa chose this design by Jon to practice the daisy picot technique.

Jessica has worked on the rose motif from the vintage Priscilla book and it's one of those "looks pretty but is a stinker to tat" designs. In an effort to make it easier to tat, she's doing it in size 3 and she worked out a way to work 2 of the leaf shapes together and join them as they're worked. Now she has to do the 18 rose motifs around the perimeter. She working in large thread so that if she does do all of the pattern, she'll end up with a tablecloth instead of a large doily.

Marta is continuing her south sea journey with this bracelet done in black with passion fruit purple beads.

IsDihara was playing around with the fleur de lis edging and that led to this lovely surprise motif and she has plans to share the pattern soon. Meanwhile she has been test tatting Wanda's Hearts Honor Bookmark and really enjoying the process.

Diane has another row of her doily completed and had another chance to visit with Sue Anna for a road trip to meet Jane Eborall. I'm pea green with jealousy.

Fox tatted Jon's Rose Window and this pattern was smooth sailing from beginning to end. It's done in Lizbeth with yarnplayer's 'Stardate' and light turquoise beads from umintsuru.

Gina was surprised with a really awesome birthday gift received from Wendy at Umi n Tsuru. It's an amazing drawn thread hanky with a gorgeous tatted edging design by Susanne Schwenke that Wendy tatted in fine thread, size 40 or finer. Gina has plans to frame it along with the Amusement doily that Gina just completed.

Lily took a motif from this baby bonnet pattern that she found online and did it in Lizbeth Peacock blues with silver beads and silver earring hooks, white (Hakelgarn) with pastel pink seed beads and silver earring hooks, to make earrings. But you'll have to use your imagination because she has got pictures of it yet.

Martha was talking about a vintage hanky with an really wide edging that came up on ebay. Martha was the lucky purchaser of this awesome treasure and she posted pictures on her blog. She thought her new book needed another pattern and this looks like it will round things out nicely.

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