Friday, June 10, 2011

Motifs, Collar, Necklace, Earrings, and a Galloon

Prabhjyotsaini has been busy with my other stuff and finally had a chance to do tat these four motifs and its a great feeling to tat again after so many days.

Justyna finished working on a spectacular wedding necklace and now she has plans for a scarf edging, but can't decide if she wants beads and if so, which colour would go best.
Marta has a new neckalace and earring set in lilac.
Fox finds this motif from the Vintage Swedish book has always cupped a bit when she tats it and this time she replaced the top bit with a zig zag chain to get it to lie flat. She's wondering if the size 20 Flora was too large. Her sister incorporated some of Fox's old tatting from the Piecework Magazine piece in the pink and green, a piece of tatting on a carbone ring from Jon's pattern and an embroidered piece of their aunt's silk hankie, with 'tat-ology' stitched on to make a lap top quilt to hold her tatting on.

Gina tatted a galloon, figure 6 of Plate 1 in the D.M.C. Tatting publication in DMC Cordonnet Special size 20. Then she had some Lizbeth size 20 colour 108 Sherbert Delight sitting on her stand. She loves this colorway on the ball but is always disappointed in the way it looks tatted up, as the dark seems too dark. She has added this 9 inch strip to a headband and may add some very narrow ribbon and perhaps a few small tatted blossoms on top of the galoon to give it more dimension. Finally she has added a diagram and instructions for tatting.

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