Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace, Bookmark, Motifs and Heart

Marta found these lozenges while shopping some time ago and she has created an interesting tatting setting that perfectly sets them off in a matched set of bracelet and earrings.

Nancy sent her daughter a tatted pendant and bracelet in Ocean Teal medium and a bookmark in black and white.
Fox sent this lovely motif that she did the other day home with her friend. She tried it again without beads she got about half way through and discovered no beads resulted in no interest. She received a care package from Randi with lots of red thread in it along with other goodies including a tatted heart. (Personally, I though red was a much more elegant choice for the hanky but for some reason Blogger doesn't let me comment of Fox's blog.)

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Fox said...

Hi, Sharon!
My Muse would not let me tat with that other thread! I am using Randi's Red, after many, many attempts at the variegated stuff, and it looks absolutely amazing! So, I got your thought waves anyway. Thank you : ))