Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dragon, Flowers, Angels, Bookmarks, Motifs, Doily and Edgings

Michelle tatted Anne Bruvold's minor Norwegian dragon and added a chain and tassel in Lizbeth size 20 in Falling Leaves for fire, to make a charming bookmark for her daughter. She received a tatted hair pin from Randa and when she was at a national conference today for Latin and Greek teachers she got to tat these angel bookmarks both in size 80 Lizbeth, Country Grape Swirl and Royal Wave.

Prabhjyotsaini was busy with her studies and hasn't had time to tat but she took some time to empty shuttles and did these small motifs. She even took her time making sure that she didn't get a twisted picot on the final join of the daisy.

Bree was really excited to have her very first cluny leaf done and to finish things off she added the flower and some butterflies to an egg. Isn't it adorable?

Cindy is almost finished with the Mary Konior doily and while playing with her new Nook she stumbled upon a reference to tatting. Now that's unique.

Fox is getting bored with hanky edgings. She has emptied her shuttles doing a design from the Tatter's Treasure Chest and thinks she'll do it again for real.

Gina saw some vintage tatting on Etsy and liked one of the designs well enough to try tatting a version of it. It didn't come out exactly the ways she wants and she's going to tweak it a little. She also did figure 10 of Plate 2 from D.M.C. Tatting in white and then again, an adapted version using some of the threads she bought last weekend. As usual she shows the design with the stitch count.

Isa continues to do some summer tatting. This little brooch is done in size 20 thread with beads and uses the SCMR method. The other cat brooch is tatted in size 60 and the backs of both are finished in the same way.

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