Monday, June 13, 2011

Motifs, ATCs, Edging, Snowflake and Heart

Garyo tatted the motif on the left which she thinks is Genevieve by Kersti Anear with Olympus #40. Recently she re-did it in DMC Special dentelles size 80, shown on the right, The original is shown in an earlier photo taken 3 years ago.

Bonnie's created this fabric postcard as a thank you for a friend at work who found some shuttles for her at a garage sale. Since her friend has a dachshund she's sure to love the postcard.

Diane is a little over halfway finished with the Cottage Border and since her Mom is coming for a visit she can either tat and chat with her Mom, or carry on with the cleaning blitz. I opt for tatting and chatting which tells you how much cleaning I do. Fortunately I married a guy who likes to clean up after me, otherwise we'd need a bulldozer to find the front door.

Fox tatted one of Jon's snowflakes from her book but switched the outer rings to Josephine knots to conserve Flora thread that was running out, but it ran out anyway. The edging she is working on for the hanky is driving her nuts as the dyslexia and the directional instructions battle it out. She tried it in size 80, size 20, cut it off and tried again so often that she has to order more thread. So she took a break and tackled the Swedish pattern again following some of the tips that were given her and it seems to be working out better. She did get it finished, but it still cups.

Gina has the Figure 7 edging done in size 16 Finca with beads that are probably size 10 and photographed with an 1/8" ribbon for scale.

Martha has revisited Mrs Mee's "pearl tatting" and notes that interesting things happen when long picots are used. She's using the technique in a pattern that she is writing now. The snowflake is adapted from a Mrs Mee pattern that she will be teaching at the Palmetto TatDays this fall.

Orsi has provided the pattern for her henna foot jewel and has begun her new round of the challenge with the heart she created. Then she tried 2 hearts to see how they would fit together using different arrangements. Then 3 which make and interesting frame. She is making a 10 heart wreath, which shows well on a summer tablecloth or on a t-shirt's decolletage and is interested in swapping it for a tambour hook.

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Fox said...

Hi, Sharon,
Are you really that messy? Hard to imagine! Lucky you have your own bulldozer!

Please sign me up for another 25.
Fox : )

p.s. New 'old' car. Maybe a journey will be in order!