Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motifs, Airplane, Heart, Edging, Doily, Snowflake and Pin

IsDihara is playing catch up. She managed to mail a note card with the Margaret Daisy motif to Fox, finished an airplane for a baby onesie, she's test tatting Hearts Honor and working on a split ring edging in size 40 Lizbeth Mocha Brown for a project that she's been thinking about.

Fox is glad she has de-stashed a lot of thread she doesn't like using like the Cebelia, but finds it surprising that she does like the Perle size 8 that she is using for Jon's Sweetheart medallion.

Isa is using a double bobbin shuttle to work on this edging that she is designing with a blue size 50 thread and a pink size 20 thread.

Kelly tatted Eileen Staffords little doily pattern called Blue Doily in Sulky quilting thread size 12wt and not only is the doily only 45 inches across, it caused her to bend her tatting needle almost in half, so that she had to order a new one. The second doily is one that she has been working on for about 3 weeks and it measures 12 inches done in Coats size 30. The patten came in one the books she got from Jane.

Martha has a new snowflake pattern incorporating Mrs Mees pearl tatting technique, although she's not sure if there might be a similar design out there that uses regular rings.

Sherry shows a lovely display of traditional tatting pieces topped by her very first bobbin shuttle.

Wanda had to tat a little something in honour of flag day and made this little pin.

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